Psychotherapy serving Texas and California residents.*


Hello, and welcome to my psychotherapy practice.   I am a licensed psychotherapist in both California and Texas and provide therapy and counseling services for individuals, couples, adolescents and groups.

Sometimes life is overwhelming and confusing. Being human is complex and full of challenges.  We may feel like there is something wrong with us for having a difficult time – for not having things all figured out. It can be hard to reach out for support. However, it is possible to feel happier, and more at ease. It is possible to feel a sense of trust in the way life is unfolding. Psychotherapy can support that process. It’s a powerful tool for healing and transformation. Therapy helps people understand themselves, heal, learn better ways to cope, and grow in ways they might not have imagined was possible.

I’m currently only providing Tele-therapy via Secure Video or Phone