Conflicts are an important and unavoidable part of relationships. Perhaps the stress and overwhelm of life has gotten in the way of being able to connect. Or the relationship is moving beyond the initial “honeymoon” phase. The newness has worn off and in it’s wake issues have arisen. Sometimes couples aren’t able to find their way through these difficult terrains and need the help of a professional.


If a lot of conflict happens without enough resolution, couples can find themselves disconnected, shut down, and unsure about how to rekindle their connection.  They may need to learn better communication skills, or better ways to handle their emotions. I believe that with the right effort, a long-term romantic relationship can have immense transformative power. I help couples to develop the skills necessary to have this kind of relationship.


I help couples learn and practice new ways of communicating, I facilitate the kinds of difficult conversations that are necessary for the health of long-term relationships, and I help couples reestablish their connection.


My couples therapy work is influenced by Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy, the work of John Gottman, and AEDP for couples.